Make Removable Partial Denture Design Faster, More and Simpler.

iPD was developed by Profeta and Peking University Stomatological Hospital, and achieved the first domestic design removable partial denture software.

Based on artificial intelligence, iPD has unique advantages.

It realizes the doctor's intelligent assistant to provide multiple design scheme recommendations, it also realizes digital tooth arrangement and processing, and realizes intelligent printing.

Core feature to support texture scanning and line drawing

One of the core features of iPD software is to support texture scanning and line drawing. lt helps dental laboratories transform removable partial dentures from handmade wax-up to digital designs: 

Support teamwork: Senior technicians can draw lines on the model while junior technicians can scan and design. This way of cooperaion closely integrates the manual and digital design together. 

Ensure quality of designs: Under the guidance of experienced senior technicians, the quality of removable partial dentures is guaranteed and well appreciated by the dentists.